Baby Loves the Five Senses

Illustrated by Irene Chan / Published by

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Why The Five Senses?

The goal of the Baby Loves Science series is to introduce STEM topics in a developmentally appropriate and engaging way. While appearing simple, they are cleverly designed to make complex science both accessible and meaningful for young children. These books take the “five senses” concepts a step further than traditional board books, explaining how our bodies work to perceive the world around us.

Importantly, the Five Senses collection is inclusive. Children with hearing and vision differences are represented in the text and illustrations – characters are shown wearing glasses or using devices such as hearing aids and cochlear implants. In Touch, a character who does not wish to be hugged advocates for herself.

Look Inside!

Everyone Loves BABY LOVES!

“Higher concept board books are available in many shapes and sizes, and this series is particularly successful as it keeps the science as simple as possible. Babies and toddlers will be attracted to the joyful, inviting illustrations depicting familiar activities, and parents will love the practical explanation of the different senses.” —School Library Journal

“This is a fun and informative book about sound and hearing, but it also has pictures of babies with hearing aids and cochlear implants. This is really important because this representation is hard to find, especially in board books. There’s also sign language in the book, and all of these are defined. It’s an inclusive, diverse book about hearing that kids will read again and again.” —Must-Read Diverse Board Books/Book Riot, Jaime Herndon

“We’re so grateful to have materials like your book as a resource for families!  It’s great to see the diversity included in the book as well as some of the difference communication and technology options.” —Karen, SLP, HEAR Wisconsin

“Simple language and illustrations make this a winner, and bonus: there’s an important thread about hugging and consent thrown in. This would make a great baby shower gift!” —Lindsay M., Amazon Review

“The Baby Loves Science board book series are my favorite science books for babies and toddlers.”  —Book Riot

“My daughter recently discovered my ears (and my hearing aid and cochlear implant.) I wanted to find a book that represented hearing loss and the device I wear so we could talk about it. She’s only 14 months but I see us using the books for a long time to give her language regarding my deices. As a pediatric audiologist, I also was impressed at how accurate the text was for the auditory system and hearing loss in a kid friendly text. It’s already one of my daughter’s favorite books and I can’t wait to recommend this book to families I work with when they ask for resources like this!” —Lindsey W., Mother and Pediatric Audiologist