How to Explain Science to a Grown-Up

Illustrated by Teresa Martinez / Published by

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Everyone Loves How to Explain Science to a Grown-up

Awards for How to Explain Coding to a Grown-Up!

  • Mathical Book Prize – Honor Book
  • Science Friday (NPR) “2023’s Best Science Books for Kids”
  • Illinois Reads Selection for Grades K-2
  • Purdue Inspire Engineering “Top 5” Gift
  • Smithsonian Magazine “Ten Engineer-Selected STEM Toys to Give as Gifts”
  • Forbes The Ultimate Holiday STEM Gift Guide (aka What Engineers Are Buying Their Kids)
  • Brightly “Terrific Books That Introduce Programming to Children”

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Reviews for How to Explain Coding to a Grown-Up!

“Because grown-ups don’t know all the answers, this book lets children become the authority… an engaging way to introduce the STEM subject.” —Booklist

“… if your grown-up can explain it, that shows they understand it! A lighthearted first look at an increasingly useful skill.” Kirkus Reviews

“…so witty and funny, you might not realize how much you and your kid are learning. Its ‘pro tips,’ like how to introduce an idea to your grown-up (‘don’t get too complicated too fast’), will meet a knowing nod from your tech-native child. Geared for preK-2nd grade, adults will love it, too.” Forbes

The best-selling author of the Baby Loves Science series levels up with this playful STEM picture book introducing kids and grown-ups to the coding world.

Grown-ups do NOT have all the answers! In this tongue-in-cheek guide, an in-the-know narrator instructs perceptive kid readers in the fine art of explaining coding to a grown-up. Both children and their adults learn the basics of coding, including hardware, software, algorithms, and debugging. Cleverly disguised “pro tips†suggest best practices for teaching any topic.

Fun and fact-filled, the How to Explain Science series will empower kid experts to explore complex scientific concepts with any grown-up who will listen.